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Get more than installs.
Target the right customers.

Scale Up Your App’s Growth Faster

Reach over 50M DAUs and 1B MAUs. Promote your app across:

100k+ Mobile Apps

25k+ Mobile Websites

100+ Countries Globally



Integrated with MRC’s Accredited fraud detection tools, we are here to offer fraud free inventory for your clients and generate desired eROI and Brand awareness.


With our smart data intelligence and programmatic algorithm we help expand your market cap. Also, our commitment to ensure ‘Brand Safe’ audiences not only delivers a better ROI, but also creates a long lasting branding impact.

Supply Partners

Maximize your CPMs with our powerful Programmatic platform that offer Auto Optimisation of Inventory Waterfall for better yielding campaigns. This highlights the best performing campaigns in accordance with your traffic thus better fills and more money.


Come become a part of World’s leading performance platform. Get a chance to work for leading brands globally and earn maximum revenues for your inventory.

Metatap DSP



Ensuring brand safe environment with our big pool of exclusive & direct 5000+ ads.txt, 2000 direct apps+ SDK integrated apps to provide highest possible quality and conversion rate.


We monetize SSP partners better by maximizing fills and eCPMs as we auction your premium inventory to our esteem Demand worldwide.


Integrated with multiple MRC accredited Quality Tools, we take Fraud seriously and ensure a clean, malicious and fraud free environment to all our partners


To maximize yield and fills we plug your direct websites and Apps to monetize inventory with our Premium DSPs and brands.

About Us

We launched Metatap around the idea that the set of apps each of us has installed on our smartphones is like a digital fingerprint of who we are and our interests.

So we set out on a mission to collect this data for every smartphone user. Now with billions of unique profiles of smartphone users around the world, we leverage all of this data and advanced AI & machine learning algorithms to sift through 10 billion mobile ad requests daily in order to hyper-target app install ads for our clients.


Let us the target the right customers